7 - Application Menus

7.1 - iToolBox Menu

7.1.1 - About Menu Item

The About iToolBox menu item displays the application's credits. It also gives you information about the version of iToolBox you are currently using, iToolBox's serial number, and if a network connection was available at application startup, iToolBox enquires of fyngyrz.com what the latest version available is, and the About dialog displays that for you as well.

In addition, for your convenience, a download link is provided so you can immediately download the latest version.

Note: The information sent to fyngyrz.com by iToolBox includes:
  • The version number of the copy you are running
  • The serial number (automatically generated) of the copy you are running
  • The version of OS X (MacOS) you are running iToolBox under
  • ...and nothing else.

The information returned by fyngyrz.com to iToolBox includes:

  • The version number of the latest available download (displayed in the About dialog)
  • The serial number of the copy you are using, either as sent by your copy, or generated for it if new
  • ...and nothing else.

The information received from fyngyrz.com by iToolBox when it asks for the latest version number is sanitized so that only characters that are one of the digits 0-9, a period (.), a vertical bar (|) or a question mark (?) are retrieved from the download. This is in order to prevent anyone from maliciously altering the requested data content in any way that would cause you problems.

The information sent to fyngyrz.com by iToolBox is similarly sanitized on receipt to prevent problems on this end.

This version retrieval is only done at iToolBox startup, not when you open the About dialog. So if a new version is posted while you're using iToolBox, the application won't be aware of the new version until the next time you start it.

The iToolBox About dialog

7.1.2 - Preferences Menu Item

The Preferences command, or its keyboard equivalent, +,, opens the Preferences dialog.

7.2 - File Menu

7.2.1 - New Image Menu Item

The New Image command, or its keyboard equivalent, control+n, opens the New Image dialog.

7.2.2 - Load Image Menu Item

The Load Image command, or its keyboard equivalent, control+l (that's a lower-case "L"), opens the File dialog.

The list of types that iToolBox can load is located here.

Tip: RAW image loading does not pre-adjust or pre-equalize RAW images; they are loaded as-shot by the camera, then the image is adjusted from that state. Canon RAW images, for instance, make a great deal of room available for highlights which is often not used. One application of the Ceiling operator using entire image with the operator mode set to Average will usually bring them into the range you'd normally expect.

7.3 - Edit Menu

7.3.1 - Copy (to Clipboard) Menu

The Copy command (or its keyboard equivalents, +c or control+c when pressed in the Operators dialog, any image view, or the Area Tools dialog) places a 24-bit representation of the current action image into the clipboard for use by other software that understands 24-bit PNG image data.

7.3.2 - Paste (from Clipboard) Menu Item

The Paste command, or its keyboard equivalents, +v or control+v, creates a new image from image information stored in the clipboard by other software. iToolBox can resolve both pasted filenames and properly formatted image data. 24-bit clipboard image data is transformed into 48-bit image data as required.

7.4 - Images Menu

7.4.1 - Close All Menu Item

The Close All command begins a process of closing all open images. Obeys the Preferences dialog setting for confirmation requests on images that have been changed since they were loaded or created.

7.4.2 - Individual Image Menu Items

Each open image gets one listing in this menu.

Selecting the menu item will bring all open views on that image to the front.
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