39 - About the Manual

iToolBox itself, and this manual, are and will likely remain a work in progress. If you find that either the application or the documentation is missing something, or something is described incorrectly, or you would like to see a term in the glossary or index, then I would like to hear about that from you so I have an opportunity to remedy whatever the shortcoming is.

39.1 - Suggestions for Index, Glossary Entries, Manual Content

You can send any such requests to me using this link: fyngyrz@gmail.com which sets the email subject to "iToolBox Manual."

39.2 - Feature Suggestions

Likewise, you are cordially invited to write me if you have ideas for features, enhancements, that sort of thing. In that case, please use this link: fyngyrz@gmail.com which sets the email subject to "iToolBox Suggestions." Do keep in mind that such ideas may or may not actually be implemented.

39.3 - Reporting Problems

Bugs? Surely not! Okay, well... perhaps. smile

Should you find a bug, please let me know by email using this link: fyngyrz@gmail.com which sets the email subject to "iToolBox Bug Report." In the case of an application crash, I would consider it a huge favor if you would paste the contents of the OS X (MacOS) crash report into the email. These help me a great deal with tracking down problems.

Using the correct link from those provided above will ensure your input is considered when I'm working on the software or the documentation.

39.4 - Benefits of Online Documentation

One of the most important benefits of keeping the documentation online is that when I update it, everyone benefits immediately from the updates, and the updates arrive basically as fast as I can write them.

Others include not manufacturing and expensive and resource-intensive paper document; and a few other things.

39.4.1 - And the One Downside...

There's one downside, which is something we all, including me, have to live with. That is if there is no Internet connection, then there is no manual unless you're technical enough to scrape a copy from the website (and in which case, more power to you, but remember, it won't update... you've effectively frozen your copy, which will eventually not work out in your favor. So when you get a new version of iToolBox, scrape a new copy of the documentation to match it as well.)

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