9 - Image Views

iToolBox allows you to have multiple views open on any image, be it atomic, layer, or master, that you have loaded. You can open any number of additional views with v.

Each view maintains its own pan, size and zoom information, and will update accordingly no matter which view you use to make modifications to the image it represents. You pan with , , , and home, and zoom with z and Z (shift+z). You can modify both pan and zoom with shift and opt/alt.

When the last view on an image is closed, the image itself will close; in the case of a layered image, closing the last view on a layer or master will close the entire layered image.

if  Confirm Image Close is checked in the Preferences dialog, then you'll be prompted if closing the last view on an image will abandon unsaved changes.

Image views offer pixel grids, which switch on and off with g, and change color between black and white with G (shift+g).

Image views also offer rulers, which you control with m.

Multiple views on one image at different pan and zoom settings

Zoom with pixel grid ( g ) turned on

View with rulers turned on in inches mode
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