§ 20 - Extend Image Dimensions Dialog

eXtend Image Dimensions dialog

This dialog allows you to increase the dimensions of an existing image, layer or master image on any side or combination of sides. It can be accessed with x keystroke or via the  Commands/Extend  menu item.

Note: There is a special case when extending a printed circuit board layer; when that is done, all PCB layers will be extended, and any non-PCB layers will retain consistent positioning over them.

If the related  Reflect out setting is not checked, the extended portion of the image will have a base color matching the color well at the lower left of the dialog; if  Transparent is checked, then the color will be invisible under the transparent alpha channel. If  Transparent is not checked, then the color fill will be opaque and visible.

If the related  Reflect out setting is checked, then the extended portion of the image will contain image data as reflected from that side of the image, and the color well and the  Transparent setting will be ignored for that side of the image.

Left-clicking on the colorwell allows you to set the extended fill color using the set color dialog.

The Vertical Figure and Horizontal Figure blocks at the upper left and upper right, and the adjacent Set buttons, allow you to calculate and optionally set new dimensions along either the horizontal or vertical axis for an image based on a desired width and/or height.

The Set buttons adjacent to each axis will set that axis to the related Single extension on that side, while setting the opposite side to zero.

The x2 buttons adjacent to each axis will double the currently set extension values.

The Clear button will set all four sides to zero extension.

Tip: Setting any combination of the  Reflect checkboxes on both axes at once will result in a fully transparent corner, underlaid with white pixel values, where the axes are adjacent. This is because there is no content to reflect in that direction in the original image.

If you need to reduce an image's dimensions, you can use the numeric rectangle areatool with the Crop operator to accomplish that.

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