8 - Application Views and Dialogs

WindowOpen Condition
Image viewsOne or more will be open for each loaded image
Operators dialogalways open
Area Tools dialogalways open
Command dialogk
Preferences dialogiToolBox / Preferences... or +,
Measure dialogm
New Image dialogFile / New Image or control+n
Text dialogArea tool or t
Blending dialogb
Layers dialogl (that's a lower case "L")
File dialogFile / Load Image or control+l (that's a lower case "L")
s save entire image (all layers if layered)
S (shift+s) save atomic image (flat single image if layered)
Save JSON from the Notations operator
Save (palette) in the Palette dialog
Load (palette) in the Palette dialog
Save Range in the Palette dialog
Save (curve) in the Curves operator
Load (curve) in the Curves operator
Palette dialogSet Palette from the Rangefill operator
Image information dialogi
Help dialogh or ?
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