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§ 12.11.56 - Merge

Scripting command: merge [Xoff=-100...100] [Yoff=-100...100] [Tile=0...1]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

This is a compose operation; obeys the  Mask/Alpha setting, and works with the Blending dialog. Brings the origin image (set with o) into the action image. This is how you place generated text, images within images, and so on. Merge can tile the image placement if the origin image is smaller than the selected area in the action image.

The offset settings only apply if  Tile is checked. Otherwise, the origin image is merged into the action image exactly where the area selection indicates, scaled as required.

If  Tile is checked, then the origin image is not scaled, but instead repeats as required to fill the area selection in the action image.

Tip: One way a perfect tiling can be accomplished is:
  •  Tile is checked
  • The origin image is smaller than the action image
  • The action image width and height are a perfect multiple of the origin image's size
  • X Offset and Y Offset are both set to zero
  • The entire image tool is used

For instance, if the action image is 1000 wide by 1000 high, and the origin image is 100 wide by 100 high, the resulting tiling into the entire image will be a perfect ten by ten.

Tip: You can create perfectly reflecting tiles from any source image using the Crop operator by checking its  Make Reflected Tile option.

The Merge Dialog
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