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§ 12.11.22 - Curves

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Curves allows you to create an arbitrary re-mapping of brightness values. Just choose the number of points you want to work with, then drag the points in the curve to where you want them, observing the effect in the Preview window as you work. Or, you can use the three sliders to set up a conventional gain curve and either use that as-is, or modify it from there.

Tip: When you change the number of points on the curve, the new curve will be a re-interpolated version of the previous one, insofar as that is practical. What I mean by that is that if you have a complex curve controlled by 20 points, and you change it to a three point curve... well, it's going to be less complex, isn't it? smile

Shape Sets various degrees of a gain curve. When set to zero, the generated curve is linear, which is usually what you'll want to start with when you're going to be creating a fully custom curve.

Gain provides amplification of the gain curve set by Shape

Center provides a means to slide the gain curve darker or lighter.

S/L allows you to Save or Load a curve you've created in a JSON file.

You can select any combination of the RGB channels, or the image luma, to apply the curve to using the left-hand drop-down menu.

Reset sets the curve to a linear state by resetting Shape , Gain and Center to their default (linear) positions.

The curves operator

This was done with Monochrome (luma) on the entire face,
then both Gaussian Blur (7 pixels), and
Curves (10 points, in Luma mode, as shown below) with the eyes cut out, in that order.

Curve used for metallic look on Monochrome
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