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10.4.46 - Range Fill

This is a compose operation; it obeys the Preferences dialog  Mask With Target Alpha setting, and works with the Blending dialog. You can set up from 2 to 64 colors, then fill regions with them. Various options; horizontal, vertical, arbitrary angle, radial, range is fully editable, etc.

You can control the palette used with Set Palette, which will open the Palette dialog.

There are 64 colors available in the palette. You can start the range with any color in the palette, and you can set the number of colors in the range to anything from 2 to all the colors remaining after the starting color. The default setting of Start=0 and Size=64 uses the entire range.

 Smooth tells the operator whether to smoothly transition from one color in the range to the next, or to step in exactly those colors. You may be able to see the difference in the range display at the top of the operator, or in the preview thumbnail image.

Angle appears and is active for Angular Fill mode.

X Bias and Y Bias appear and are active for Radial Fill mode.

The range fill operator
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