§ 27 - WinImages Morph

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§ 27.1 - Welcome

Welcome to the exciting world of image morphing with WinImages Morph.

Our morphing tools have been used for network television productions, in feature films and by many end users for their own amusement. Not only are they more powerful than many morphing tools on workstation-class machines, but they have more features, and are easier to use as well.

§ 27.2 - Index to the WinImages Morph Manual

System Requirements
Getting Started - The Basics
What is Morphing?
Operation - WinImages Morph
File Menu
Edit Menu
Objects Menu
Generate Menu
Display Menu
Settings Menu
Filmstrip Menu
View Menu
Help Menu
Object Placement Toolbox
View Windows
Film Strip
Velocity Curve Window
Transparency Curve Window
Sequence Controls Window
The Status Bar
Display Quality
Tutorials Overview
The User Interface
Warp Morphing - The Basics
Warp Morphing - Nuts and Bolts
Warp Morphing - Frames, Points and Links
Warp Morphing - In Motion
Transition Morphing - The Basics
Transition Morphing - Nuts and Bolts
Transition Morphing - Frames, Points and Links
Transition Morphing - In Motion
In Case of Problems with WinImages Morph
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