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§ 27.6 - Operation - WinImages Morph

Once Morph is started the main window will be displayed. It has a number of important areas:

  • Pull Down Menus for most management operations.
  • Main Window Buttons for manipulation of Controls and to turn the FilmStrip animation on and off.
  • Start Frame View Window - The Start image and the controls for the start position are displayed here.
  • Image files can be loaded into the Start or the End Frame using the File Menu or by using the drag and drop method to load the files from Windows Explorer.
  • End Frame View Window - The End image and the controls for the end position are displayed here.
  • Result Window - This is where the morph frame that was most recently created is displayed.
  • FilmStrip - Optionally, a FilmStrip preview and animation window can be displayed.
  • Toolbox - The Toolbox allows you to specify Controls using eight separate drawing tools. There is also a tool for moving and re-shaping Controls which have already been placed.

Other management windows are opened as requested. The images loaded into the start and end frames will be shown in the appropriate view windows. The resultant morph frames will appear in the Result window, and the FilmStrip if it is on during the generation of the morph.


You'll rarely need to use or work with Points and Links — use lines and curves instead!

To add Points:

Click in either window with the left mouse button with the point tool specified in the Toolbox.

To move Points:

Click over a control Point with the right mouse button and drag the Point around while holding the button down.

To select a Point:

Click over the Point with the right mouse button. Most Points are shown with a red outlined cross. The currently selected Point has a colored outline.

To delete a Point:

Once a Point is selected it will be drawn in aqua. This Point can be deleted just by hitting the main window Delete Point, or by pressing the Del key on the keyboard.

To add a line or curve:

Select the desired drawing tool from the Toolbox, and then draw on the start image using that tool's special methods (these methods are defined in each tools specific documentation). Once the line or curve has been placed, draw the corresponding desired line or curve in the end image. After this is completed press the right mouse button to tell Morph you are done. Morph will then draw the Control using the specified color and thickness settings.

To switch from one Control object to another Control object:

Use the and to switch from Control to Control in the view images. You can also press the Ctrl key and left click on the desired object to make it current


With curves, you will find that some areas of a particular curve select more easily than others - if a curve doesn't seem to want to select, try a different area on the curve.

Once an object is selected, it can be moved, resized, have a transparency or velocity curve assigned to it, or it can be deleted.

To move or adjust controls:

Select the Move Object option from the Toolbox, and move the desired control.

To save your project:

First, save the objects using the Save Objects File command in the Objects menu. Make sure that you provide the correct file extension, .mpt or else the file will not show up with the default file dialog filters. Avoid using spaces in path and/or file names.

Second, save the project file itself using the Save Project As command in the File menu. The same approach applies; make sure the correct extension, .mpr, is used on the project file and avoid using spaces in path and/or file names.

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