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§ 27.13 - Transparency Curve Window

§ 27.13.1 - Transparency Curve Overview

Transparency curves are used to control the amount of fade from the start image to the end image.

There can be any number of curves in morph at one time. The first curve is named <normal>. Control points or lines can be associated with a transparency curve making the area around the point or line fade as specified by the curve. The curve is associated with all points/lines by default. Each curve can be adjusted by clicking and dragging it with the pointer. Curves can be independently loaded and saved to disk. The buttons on the window are as follows:

§ 27.13.2 - Transparency Curve Controls

§ - Transition:

Sets the transparency to smoothly fade from start to end.

§ - Distortion:

Set the transparency to NONE, so that all color in the result comes from the start frame.

§ - Rename:

Changes the name for the currently viewed curve.

§ - Smooth:

Smooths changes made the curve.

§ - Choose:

Selects a different curve to view and change. New: Creates a new transparency curve. The default shape for the curve is smooth like <normal>.

§ - Load:

Load a transparency curve.

§ - Save:

Save the shown transparency curve.

§ - Undo:

Returns the curve to the state before the last set of changes were made.

§ - Done:

Closes the Transparency Curve Control window.

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