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§ 27.16 - Morph Keystroke Commands

Commonly used Keystrokes in Morph:

a/AShow/Hide Toolbox
bSet velocity by drawing a Freehand area
c/COpen/Close chronograph
eEject FilmStrip
f/FShow/Close FilmStrip
gSet velocity by drawing a Rectangle
kHELP file on keystrokes
lShow splash page
o/OOpen/Close Onionskin view
pAnimate FilmStrip
sSet Sequence Controls
Shift-sSwap Start/End Images
Ctrl-sSwap Start/End Objects
Shift-Ctrl-sSwap Start/End Objects+Images
v/VShow next or previous view
ySet velocity or transparency for the current object
z/ZZoom/Negative Zoom an image view
/Select next object
DelDelete current object
EnterWhen an object is partly drawn - closes the area and adds it in both views
When in Move/Edit mode - converts the Freehand line to a Bezier
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