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§ 27.17 - Display Quality

    A 24-bit display represents the image exactly. 256 color displays show fewer colors and therefore show the image less accurately. You should choose a display option that matches your hardware configuration.
    Morph takes advantage of high resolution displays by allowing you to scale windows to any size.
    A low resolution image will still look blocky, even on a high resolution display.
    Low color images cannot be restored to full color. Full color images such as 24 and 32 bit Targa (.tga) and 24-bit TIFFs use 16.8 million colors. An 8-bit BMP, by comparison, can only use 256 colors. To produce full color results, start with full color Start and End images.

    Note! Even though your display hardware may not be capable of 24-bit display, Morph holds and processes images as full color 24-bit at all times.

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