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§ 27.18 - Tutorials

The Tutorials section of the manual is intended to give you a brief overview and "hands-on" experience with some of the various morphing methods and tools found in Morph. All of the tutorials will use images distributed with the software. These images should be in the directory called Images. Each tutorial will show you one method of using Morph and its tools. This should not be taken as the only way to use the tools or the program. Instead, the tutorials should be viewed as a leaping off point for your own new and imaginative use of all of the operations in this program.

The tutorials are arranged in groups based on complexity. The tutorials start with a section on morphing basics, and end with a motion morphing section. It is also important to remember that the definitions of all of the controls can be found in the individual sections on the various tool. A basic understanding of an operation or tool's purpose, and method of control, can be ascertained from reading these sections. It is strongly suggested that you first look over the main documentation before beginning any of tutorials.

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