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§ 27.3 - WinImages Morph System Requirements

As of R7, successful operation of Morph requires that F/x be installed. F/x manages both the documentation and the importer plug-ins for Morph. The documentation location and the importer directory are set using these tools in F/x.

Even so, Morph is a separate program from F/x, and so has a different set of system requirements, as follows:

  • A Pentium or higher processor
  • Windows 95 (or higher) operating system
  • 16 Mb of RAM memory

Even though Morph has a relatively simple interface, the morphing operation itself is complex and resource intensive. Also, working with full color images itself is a task requiring substantial computer resources.

We therefore recommend that Morph be used on the following hardware:

  • Accelerated graphics display able to show 256 or more colors
  • Pentium II processor or better
  • 64 Mb or more of RAM memory

In general, more on board memory will always assist the running of more intensive applications like Morph.

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