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§ 27.7.9 - Help Menu

Morph makes use of an online manual for help throughout the program. The relevant section of the reference can be accessed from message and error windows and from this help menu. An online manual of this form allows us to deliver up-to-date documentation on newly added features and allows you to keep your information neatly and compactly on disk. Possibly of even greater importance in the long run, the online manual reduces our consumption of paper products for the sake of our environment.

§ - About morph...

This displays copyright and program version information.

§ - Getting Started...

This opens the online reference to a section explaining how to start a morph.

§ - Display quality...

This takes the online reference to a topic describing the factors which effect the quality of the images you see on screen or export from Morph.

§ - Manual...

This opens the online reference to its main contents.

§ - Technical Support (Via Internet)

This will connect you to our web page on the Internet, which in turn will direct you to our current technical support mechanism.

§ - System Information...

This dialog provides information about the computer system. In most cases, it will be accurate. However, some versions of Windows NT report incorrect memory information when queried, so don't count on this dialog under Windows NT.

§ - Tip of The Day

This dialog provides you with tips about using the software each time the program starts. If you un-check  show tips at startup  the dialog will no longer appear when the program starts. You can re-enable it by opening it from the help menu, and then re-checking  show tips at startup .

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