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§ 12.11.70 - Plane

The plane operator
Note: The Plane operator only functions in the context of a layered printed circuit board, typically created using the New PCB dialog. The target layer of the Plane operator must be in the PCB Copper blend mode.

The Plane operator will generate a copper plane into any copper layer within the bounds of the selection generated by any area tool. The plane is guaranteed to remain clear of existing copper regions by the number of mils specified.

As long as there is enough room between existing regions, the plane will be continuous.

Once generated, the plane may be connected to another circuit element, for example, circuit ground.

You may wish to use the wand to fill in any region between the connected element and the circuit it is connected to. This will work if there is sufficient clearance around all existing circuit elements.

Caution: Keep in mind that this creates additional capacitance between nearby circuit elements and the generated plane and its circuit connections.
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