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§ 12.11.49 - Layer Clear

Scripting command: layerclear [Copper=0...1] [Drill=0...1] [Mask=0...1] [Legend=0...1]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

The layer clear operator

Works with printed circuit board layers. Can clear content in the area selection of any combination of legend, copper, solder mask, and drill layers in layered printed circuit board iamge at once, depending on the setting of its layer type controls. Can be applied to a master image of a printed circuit board, or any PCB layer in the master image.

Has no effect on other types of layers.

Tip: All layers to be cleared must be the same size as the layer the operator was applied to, or the mismatched-size layer will not be cleared.

For solder mask layers, the layer is cleared to the mask color set in the Pad operator. For copper and drill layers, the layer is cleared to white.

Tip: Only when all three of the solder mask, copper and drill types of layers are selected for clearing will group undos be possible; if you elect to clear just a subset of these layers, undo will have to be performed on a per-layer basis.
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