§ 25 - Tutorials, Samples and Add-ons

The Tutorials section of the manual is intended to give you a brief overview and "hands-on" experience with some important facets of F/x. All of the tutorials will use an image from the original F/x CD or create new images within the software. Premade images are provided with the original CD; they should be in the F/x subdirectory / folder named Images.

Each tutorial will show you one method of using that operation. This should not be taken as the only way to use the tool. Instead, the tutorials should be viewed as a leaping off point for your own new and imaginative use of all of the operations in this program.

Except for the tutorials marked in bold, these tutorials are not in sequential order of importance. You may select any tutorial at any time. It is also important to remember that the definitions of all of the controls can be found in the individual sections on the various operations. A basic understanding of an operation's purpose and method of control can be ascertained from reading these sections. It is strongly suggested that you first look at an operation's control overview section before starting a tutorial on that operation.

§ 25.1 - Tutorial index

SubjectIssues Covered
Basic (Getting Started) Tutorial This is the one to begin with — introduces the program
Advanced Tutorial Extended editing and timeline (animation) tasks
Timeline Basics Tutorial Working with the Timeline
Timeline Area Selection Dialog Tutorial Working with the Timeline
Timeline Operation Dialog Tutorial Working with the Timeline
Timeline Action & Source Image Dialog Tutorial Working with the Timeline
The Asterize Operation Tutorial A-z operator tutorial. Master this, and you'll be able to use any operator
The Motion Blur Operation Tutorial Simplified "how-to"
Cool things you can do with Fonts Using combinations of operations
Make a puddle of Mercury Using combinations of operations
Make a "Gel Button" Using Layers
Power Colorizing Getting more out of operators
Two Glass Tutorials Getting more out of operators and layers
The Spockian Ear Getting more out of operators
Gold Foil Text Layers and Scripts used to good effect
Cartoon Like Effects Getting more out of operators
Ray Tracing Beginner's Guide to Ray Tracing
Transitions Transition Control File Creation
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