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§ 25.4 - Cool Things to do with Font Areas Tutorial

§ 25.4.1 - Metallic Look

Here's a quick trick you can use to create beautiful text. It will work with any font. The resulting quality depends on the font's weight (large, bold fonts work best) and on a blur application that is intense enough to blur the outside edge of the font all the way to the middle of a font stroke.

Blur uses 1/10th of a pixel as its radius, so a font that is about ten pixels thick needs a blur of 50 so that the blur goes 1/2 way "into" the font. The bold 48 point font used in the example below comes out to about 9 pixels wide on a typical stroke, so 50 is a good setting.

1 - Create some black text on a white backdrop.
This is 48-point, bold Ariel with Anitaliasing on.

2 - Apply Filter/Blur using Entire Image (with blur set to 50)

3 - Apply Filter/Relief to the Entire Image (set to -4)

4 - Select Standard/Histogram, turn off the
"Independent RGB" and "Gather Histogram"
switches, then press "Show Map"

5 - Set the Map to look something like this.

6 - Now apply using Entire Image. Metal!

§ 25.4.2 - Distort Fonts

When you work with fonts, you can do a lot of things to the basic font shape that will create a unique look for you. Here are some ideas:

72 Point, Ariel, Bold.


Here we used Geom/Surface Warp
to apply the texture using the Entire Image
area selection tool.

Here we used Geom/Dome
to make the font bulge out using the Ellipse area selection tool.

See Also: Glass Tutorials (there's a glass font example there)

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