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1 - Introduction

1.1 - What Is This?

This is the user's manual for iToolBox, an application targeted to OS X (MacOS) 10.11 or later which provides tools for adjustment and enhancement of image files. That includes RAW deep-color files produced by DSLRs as well as standard filetypes like PNG and JPG produced by other image editing software.

1.2 - Where Can I Get It?

Click here for the OS X (MacOS) iToolBox download.

Tip: If you have any issues opening iToolBox for the first time, please refer to the In Case of Problems page.

1.3 - How Does This Application Help You?

iToolBox provides:

  • Adjustment and enhancement of many image filetypes such as:
    • Standard images such as PNG and JPG
    • DSLR RAW images including those from Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Image preparation for use in online image galleries
  • Image handling of new types of information using the ATO and ELX formats
  • A faster way to perform most image adjustments and enhancements
  • Then there's the fact that it's free. And...
    There is no AdSpam in the application. And...
    There's no invasion of your privacy. And...
    There are no "cloud" dependencies.
Tip: There is a more extensive feature list on the next page.

1.4 - System Requirements

  • Operating System:
  • Resources:
    • RAM:
      • You'll want at least a couple gigabytes of free memory to edit images.
      • Every image you load takes more RAM. Lots of it.
    • Disk space:
      • iToolBox takes about 15 megabytes
      • Your images will demand more. Lots more.
    • CPU Power
      • 3 GHz is suggested; lower speed CPUs will simply produce results more slowly.
        But no one likes that.
    • Monitors
      • One is okay.
      • Two is good.
      • More is great
    • Mouse
      • A mouse with two mechanical buttons is highly recommended
        Apple's Magic Mouse is not recommended, as it has problems with its mouse button emulation.
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