iToolBox running under OS X (MacOS) 10.12.6 Sierra
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§ 1 - Introduction

§ 1.1 - What Is This?

This is the user's manual for iToolBox 3.12, a free, privacy-respecting, zero-ads, zero-nags application with versions targeted to OS X (MacOS) 10.11 or later and Windows 10.

iToolBox provides tools for creation, alteration, adjustment, and enhancement of image files, can create printed circuit boards, GIF animations and more.

Image types that can be loaded include RAW deep-color files produced by a wide variety of DSLRs as well as standard filetypes like .png and .jpg produced by other image editing software.

§ 1.2 - Where Can I Get It?

§ 1.2.1 - OSX

Click here for the OS X (MacOS) iToolBox 3.12 download. The .zip file contains a standard OS X (MacOS) Intel architecture application, which you can place anywhere you prefer; the usual place is in the Applications folder.

§ 1.2.2 - Windows 10

Click here for the Windows 10 Intel architecture iToolBox 3.12 (beta) download. The .zip file will extract to a folder with itoolbox.exe in it, and from which itoolbox.exe must be run, as it contains various files (f/n #1) that the application depends upon. If you move itoolbox.exe out of this folder, it will no longer work. You can put the folder anywhere you like, and you can create shortcuts to itoolbox.exe; just don't take itoolbox.exe out of that folder.

Tip: If you have any issues opening iToolBox for the first time, please refer to the In Case of Problems page.

§ 1.3 - Versions and Documentation

I try to keep the documentation up to date with the latest development version. This means I write documentation as I add features, which in turn means that the documentation will from time to time indicate capabilities that are not present in the version you are presently using. You can always check the changes list page to see what is being, or has been, added as compared to the version you are currently running. Your current version number is available in the  About iToolBox  application menu.

Warp layer
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§ 1.4 - How Does This Application Benefit Its Users?

iToolBox provides:

  • Adjustment and enhancement of images loaded from many image filetypes such as:
    • Standard images such as .png and .jpg
    • DSLR RAW images including those from many Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Image preparation for use in online image galleries
    (Hover your mouse over the image of me playing guitar, below)
  • Unique capabilities, such as warp layers
  • Image handling of new types of information using the ATO and ELX formats
  • A faster way to perform most image adjustments and enhancements
  • Then there's the fact that it's free. And...
    There is no AdSpam in the application. And...
    There's no invasion of your privacy. And...
    There are no "cloud" dependencies. And...
    There is no nagging. And...
    Absolutely no copy protection. And...
    You'll never be forced to update.

Tip: There is a more extensive feature list on the next page.

§ 1.5 - System Requirements

  • Compatible Operating Systems:
  • Resources:
    • RAM:
      • You'll want at least a couple gigabytes of free memory to edit images.
      • Every image you load takes more RAM. Lots of it.
    • Disk space:
      • iToolBox takes about 30 megabytes
      • Your images will demand more. Lots more.
    • CPU Power
      • 3 GHz is suggested; lower speed CPUs will simply produce results more slowly.
        But... no one likes that.
    • Monitors
      • One is okay.
      • Two is good.
      • More is great
    • Mouse
      • A mouse with two mechanical buttons is highly recommended.
        Apple's Magic Mouse is not recommended. (f/n #2)
      • Trackpads, tablets, and trackball are not recommended. At all. Mouse!
    • Networking
      • iToolBox attempts to contact to obtain a serial number, and to learn if an update is available. If this attempt fails, it in no way cripples the software or inconveniences the user.
      • The documentation is kept online
        (and since iToolBox has context sensitive help, you might like that)
      • Updates to the software are made available online
        (and iToolBox can let you know about available updates in the About dialog)
      • Other than taking advantage of these things, no, you don't need a LAN or WAN connection.
Footnote 1 - What are all those files???
Those files are Qt frameworks, specifically they contain various components that are used within iToolBox.

Footnote 2 - Don't try to use Apple's Magic Mouse
Apple's Magic Mouse driver has some serious limitations with its mouse button emulation that can make using iToolBox considerably less convenient. Specifically, the Magic Mouse does not support using both (virtual) left and right mouse buttons simultaneously, which is a technique iToolBox heavily relies upon.

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