§ 49 - In Case of Problems

ProblemPossible Resolution(s)
Problems saving and/or loading files In later versions of OS X (MacOS), Apple's sandboxing can interfere with an application's ability to access the filesystem. In recent versions of OS X (MacOS), you may be able to resolve this with the following procedure:
  1. Open System Preferences/Security and Privacy
  2. Select Privacy from the four heading choices
  3. Click the lock icon on the lower left corner to unlock this pane
  4. Navigate to Full Disk Access on the sidebar
  5. Click the + icon and add iToolBox to the list
  6. Restart iToolBox if it was already running
Area Selections only work around the edges The fill and/or open figure modifiers may not be in their default states. If so, making an area selection may not do at all what you might expect. In most typical circumstances, the fill modifier should be selected, and the open figure modifier should not be selected. Make sure they look like this:


Some keystroke commands don't work This is usually related to the operating system defaults for both OS X (MacOS) and Windows 10. You can change iToolBox's keystroke command assignments to compensate for issues of this nature. See the documentation for the Keystroke Assignment dialog for information on how to go about this.
Another possibility is that you have changed the keystroke, or have it wrong. Check  Edit/Key Assignment  to make sure the key you're pressing is the key that you should be pressing.
Finally, context is critical — if the key you're pressing is one that affects an image, then one of that image 's views should be active; that's how iToolBox knows which image is to be affected. Likewise, if the key is one that is a command to the Layers dialog, then the Layers dialog must be active rather than an image view.
An image or images is/are lost off-screen Using  Views/juxtapose  or j will normally recover all windows to the home position.
iToolBox can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer message In this case, OS X (MacOS)'s Gatekeeper security mechanism is preventing you from opening iToolBox.

To resolve this, the first time you open iToolBox after a new download, instead of opening iToolBox with a double-left-click or a left-click on the icon in the dock, open it by right-clicking on the application icon and selecting  Open  from the OS X (MacOS) context menu.

You will then be asked if you want to open the application anyway; go ahead and do so. Apple is trying to protect you from malware with this intentional impediment to opening unsigned applications.

Why isn't iToolBox signed?

Because it is free. Apple demands $99.00 USD per year to enable application code signing. Consequently, you get to work your way around Gatekeeper. There is some risk in this; it is theoretically possible for a bad actor to intercept your download, modify the application on its way to you, and so manage to insert malware into your system.
A message appears indicating frameworks cannot be found under Windows 10. This almost always means that iToolBox.exe was moved out of the folder it was supplied in; either move it back and execute it from there, or download a new copy and re-create the folder and then execute the new copy within that folder. The Windows 10 version of iToolBox must not be moved out of the folder it is supplied in.
Crash after agreeing to let iToolBox request a serial number At the time of this writing, I have one report of an OS X (MacOS) 10.13.6 system that crashes when network operations are instantiated, while at the same time, numerous 10.13.6 systems are not having problems. If this happens to you, restart iToolBox, say NO when asked if it's okay to request a serial number, and iToolBox will not undertake any network operations. This should work around the issue.
If this does happen to you, I'd like to hear about it, please.
Under OS X (MacOS), the message "iToolBox can't be opened because of a problem" appears This message may be encountered when an attempt is made to open iToolBox on a version of OS X (MacOS) that is too old to run the application. The only solutions to this are to either install a newer OS X (MacOS) in a VM, upgrade your primary version of OS X (MacOS) to a more recent version, or, if your hardware/VM does not support a more recent version of OS X (MacOS), to move to a newer Mac or more capable VM. iToolBox requires at least OS X (MacOS) 10.11.
Magic Mouse doesn't work with right-mouse button re-positioning The specific problem is that the Magic Mouse driver fails to distinguish left and right mouse button clicks from each other.

This is a known bug in Apple's drivers for the Magic Mouse. It is strongly suggested that you get a standard mouse until / unless Apple fixes the Magic Mouse drivers.
Can't open a particular type of image file The list of image file types iToolBox can open is found here.
Can't find (something) in the documentation There are two ways to look things up; one is using the table of contents, which is organized by subject and (hopefully) in an intuitive way.

The other is using the index, which is organized alphabetically.

If neither of those approaches results in locating the information you are looking for, perhaps I need to add either an index entry or a new section of the manual.

I am (generally) willing to do this. Please let me know what it is you were looking for via the email links on this page, and I will see what I can do to address your needs.

Magic Wand fills without regard for Alpha Transparency Doing this, or not, is controlled by
 M/Alpha in the Areatools.
Bugs found Please take a moment to report any bugs or crashes you encounter via the email link found here, and I will do my best to address them quickly.
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