2 - Itoolbox 1.63 Features

  • Easy to use — most operations can be learned in minutes
  • 63 image operators
  • Many immediate commands such as clone, scale, extend, enlarge, print, zoom, juxtapose, etc.
  • Reads 50 image file types, many of which have numerous variants
    • .png, .jpg, etc.
    • RAW camera files from many cameras
    • Powerful new fully open file formats with useful new capabilities
    • Area notation(s) support for image galleries
      • Rectangular regions
      • Polygonal regions
      • Elliptical regions
      • Freehand regions
      • Independently variable opacity text backdrops
      • JSON export for gallery software
      • Javascript gallery demo code included
  • Layered image capability
    • 50 layer blend modes
    • Image stacking support
      • Translation
      • Rotation
        • User settable-center point
        • High precision
      • Average stacking
      • Median stacking
    • Warp Layers — 13 geometric layer effects
    • Layer effects — glow, emboss, shadow, etc.
    • Master / layer system provides flat result at all times
    • Localstack and lockstep provide for grouping layers
  • Flexible image views
    • Works well with multiple monitors
    • Multiple views per image
    • Independent zoom levels and pan settings per view
    • Aspect locking and unlocking
    • Scale/create new image to view size
    • Rulers
      • Pixels
      • Inches
      • Centimeters
  • Consistent user interface: learn one thing, learn many
  • Effect previews for image operations
    • One-button before/after comparisons
    • Thumbnail
    • 1x region
    • 2x region
  • Powerful area selection and related tool mechanisms
    • Modal and non-Modal area selection modes
    • In non-modal mode, allows for area addition and subtraction
    • Hot re-anchoring for ellipses and rectangles
    • Hot polygon point move, delete, add
    • Freehand, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, entire image, text, wand, numeric rectangle, complement, open figure, filled figure, magnify
    • Resolution-independent, cross-image "apply again"
    • Antialiasing
    • Blending
    • Brush-stroking
    • Many types of guides: rule of thirds, golden spiral, aspect, etc.
  • Meta information capabilties
    • Copyright
    • Author
    • Annotation
    • GPS
    • Notation(s) — great for image galleries
    • Create and modify times
    • Color space utilization
    • Histograms
  • Extensive keyboard and mouse command support
  • CMY and CMYK color separations
  • Image printing
  • Copy and paste via OS clipboard
  • Drag-and-drop loading of images
  • Undo and redo
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iToolBox 1.63
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