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§ 12.11.73 - Remove Isolated Streaks

Scripting command: ris [Intensity=0...100] [Threshold=0...100]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

Good for certain types of noise removal, particularly single-line impulse noise encountered in sequential RGB AFSK image transmission.

This works by looking at all three channels, determining if there is little change in two of them vertically (pixels above a line vs. pixels below a line under test), yet a large change in the third; when this condition is detected, the large change is replaced with the average value created from the line above and the line below.

Because sequential RGB AFSK image transmission sends the red, green and blue channels one after another, the odds are that short bursts of interference with one channel will not affect another channel, and this is what makes the other two channels good tests for interference in the third.

Damaged AFSK (SSTV) image

After Remove Isolated Streaks

Further Editing:
After Vertical Remove with rectangle and Monochrome (luma) conversion

The remove isolated streaks operator
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