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The Guitar Chord operator

Forms guitar chord diagrams for 6-string guitars.

These chord diagrams are designed to be generated into a white background page destined for printing; each chord takes area such that you can (tightly) fit 5 by 7 (35) of them on a 300 DPI 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper using a 150 DPI snap grid; it will be less when you need space for lyrics and so on:

300 DPI density demonstration


House of the Rising Sun example
with room for lyrics
(placed using a 450 by 150 snap grid)

The chord diagram will be rendered and placed according to the center of the area selection you make. Use of the snap grid at 150 x 150 is recommended to maintain consistent alignment.

You can use the  Presets    drop-down menu to select from over 90 pre-configured chords. The preset chords are constructed with standard tuning in mind: EADGBE

You can also create any custom chord, for any tuning, by setting up each of the six strings individually with the  Fret    and  Finger    drop-downs, then setting the Root Fret control, and then entering the name of the chord in the Chord Name control.

You can create a traditional vertical chord with  Vertical checked, or a horizontal version with  Vertical unchecked.

The neck is marked with double dots at the 7th and 12th frets.

The default is to generate chords for a guitar that is conventionally strung; however, you can clear the  Right-handed control in the Preferences dialog to cause this operator to produce chords for a guitar strung in reverse; high E nearest the player's head, low E nearest the floor.

Note: The Root Fret is the fret before the fretted note nearest the nut. Zero is the nut itself, where many common open (not barred) chords are assembled. The chord, however, will be rendered with the fret indicated for fingerings that are at the neck end of of the chord pattern. For example, as shown below, for a barred A major chord at the 5th fret, the Root Fret is 4.
Note: The chord as rendered in the Operator Preview window, will not be rendered with text, as there is not enough resolution to do so.

Example chord
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