§ 50 - Credits and Acknowledgments

§ 50.1 - Core Platform

§ 50.2 - Application Code

100% generated by my ray tracer

§ 50.3 - Libraries

§ 50.4 - Art

§ 50.5 - General Kudos and Thumbs-Ups

  • The folks who wrote/write Qt
  • The JPEG folks (Joint Photographic Experts Group) (JPG)
  • The PNG Working Group
    • Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler — Design and sample code for the ZLIB compression library, used in .png, both of which in turn are part of Qt and PNG.
  • Evan Billingsley - debugging
  • Blake Caldwell - testing, suggestions, insights
  • Deborah Gregory - testing
Footnote 1 - Ray Tracing Engine
This is only used in iToolBox by the Spherize operator; but I'm sure I'll think of more uses for it over time...

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