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§ - Texturemaps

Let's add some character to the cueball. We'll add a texturemap marble effect to simulate chalk marks on the ball.

Library:  <libpath "c:\w3\"  <lib "textures.w3d" Set the random number generator to a certain point in the random sequence. This ensures that the texturemapper will produce the same result each time the script is run:  <seed 10 Pool ball:  <normalize  <position 0 0 0  <radius 3  <apply "glossy"  <reflectivity 0.1  <color 1 0 0  <imagemap "c:\imagemaps\raytrace_imagemap_1.jpg"  <object sphere "My Sphere" Cue Ball:  <normalize  <position -7 0 0  <radius 3  <apply "glossy"  <reflectivity 0.1  <specular 0  <roughness 0 Set the colors for the texturemap, color0 is the color of the ball, color1 is the color of the chalk:  <color 1 1 1  <color 0 0.5 1 Adds a "chalked" effect to the cueball via texturemapping:  <texturemap "marble" 0.01 30  <object sphere "My Sphere" Optimize speed:  <object bound Light:  <normalize  <position 50 50 -75  <color 1 1 1  <object light "light_1" Camera:  <viewlocation 0 0 14  <viewtarget -3 0 0

This is the end product of the script.

On to the advanced concepts.

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