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§ - normalize (SceneScript element)


This is a shortcut language element that is exactly equivalent to:

 <scale 1 1 1  <rotate 0 0 0  <translate 0 0 0

A commonly encountered scenario is to build an object centered around zero, and then scale, rotate and translate it away. In order to build the next object around zero, a convenient method is to use  <normalize.


You might also want to look at the stacking commands for another way to control these and other elements of the environment:  <stack and  <unstack.

For instance, we provide a library file that contains a fair number of triangles that define a cut gem as a unit. These are defined around zero, so that once placed in the scene file, they may be placed anywhere using  <rotate,  <scale and  <translate. Once this is done,  <normalize resets the language for the next such definition. Here's how that looks:

 <apply "diamond"  <rotate -45 0 0  <scale .5 .5 .5  <translate 1 3 0  <color 1 1 1  <structure  <lib "dia8.w3d"  </structure  <normalize

Now, you don't have to use  <normalize, as setting all three of the above mentioned language elements to new, reasonable values prior to a objects being defined will have the desired result, but many times you won't be rotating, or scaling, etc., and then using  <normalize will be very convenient. We like to use it after every object definition, just so we know where we are when we start...

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