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§ - texturemap (SceneScript element)

 <texturemap "T" P1 P2 P3

This language element may be used inside a  <trait block.

The  <texturemap language element allows you to apply procedural textures to objects. This has priority over imagemaps, so if you texturemap, any imagemap will not appear. Bump mapping works with texturemaps. "T" is the name of the specific texture. P1, P2 and P3 are the parameters (if any) to the texure being used; if a texture uses less than the available parameters (indicated in the following table by n/a), you do not need to specify the remaining ones.

The  <texturemap language element uses the three color statements ( <color0,  <color1 and  <color2) to source colors to be used in the various textures. Not all textures use all the colors; colors used are indicated.

In the following table, the suggested numbers are for a sphere of radius 4. As object sizes in the rendering space change, the textures may change as well, requiring readjustment of parameters. However, texture behavior is independent of rendering resolution.


If you desire to use a texture as a 3d global texture over more than one object, you must use the  <axis language element. The  <axis and  </axis language elements provide the 3d texture engine with a point of reference.

See also the  <seed language element.

, , , , , , , , ,
specks threshold 0.0-1.0 - try .99 n/a n/a Creates speckles of  <color1 against  <color0
sinex Amplitude 0-1 Frequency 1-n n/a Creates sine(x position) of  <color1 against  <color0
sinexy Amplitude 0-1 Frequency 1-n n/a Creates sine(x position) of  <color1 against  <color0 and sine(y position) of  <color2 against  <color0
cloud Turbulence - try 8 Scatter - try .01 Threshold - try .66 Creates clouds against sky ranging from  <color0 at base of sky to  <color1 at dome of sky
marble Complexity - try .01 Turbulence - try 15 n/a Creates Marble of  <color1 (vein) against  <color0 (matrix)
wood Complexity - try .0025 Turbulence - try 1 Burl - try 25 Creates Wood of  <color1 (pith) against  <color0 (skin)
sediment Complexity - try .05 Disturbance - try .05 Zonedensity - try 50 Creates Sedimentary layers of  <color2 (layers) against  <color0 at base (matrix) and  <color1 at max altitude (matrix)
iris cycles (try 20.7) color mix amplitude  <color2 distance Creates radial iris  <color1 against  <color0 from center shifting to  <color2 at edge.
checker X distance Z distance n/a Creates checker texture of  <color0 and  <color1.
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