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§ 12.11.47 - Key to Colorspace

Scripting command: keyop

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

Key to Colorspace uses the colorspace record generated by the Sample operator to create a transparent alpha channel suitable for using as an image composed over another image, either directly, using operators like Merge, or in an image layer.

You can expand the colorspace to additional colors nearby (in the colorspace, not necessarily the image) the ones that have been sampled (or previously expanded) by clicking Expand Colorspace. The new number of colors in the colorspace is reported after each change in the colorspace state, and the Operators dialog preview will show you the change made by alteration of the color key.

When you use any of Expand Colorspace, Add, or Subtract, the operator tracks each change, which can then be reversed using Undo Colorspace.

Once an expansion has been undone, you can put it back in place with Redo Colorspace if you like. Note that pressing Expand Colorspace, Sample, or taking a new sample manually without  Add to Colorspace or  Subtract from Colorspace checked will clear the redo information. Each change in the key updates the Operators dialog preview


Often it is better to turn off areatool anti-aliasing in the Preferences dialog, as the key will occur anywhere the selection applies, regardless of the softness of the selection at any one point.

The key to colorspace operator


Cockpit with greenscreen


Cockpit after Sample of greenscreen,
then Key to Colorspace
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