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§ 12.11.34 - Frame

Scripting command: frame [Outer=0...50] [2nd=0...50] [3rd=0...50] [Inner=0...50]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

Example Frame operator effect

This operator allows you to create a rectangular frame beginning at the edges of your image. The sliders individually set the width of one of four frame elements in percentages of the narrower dimension of the image. So if the image is 200x400, then a slider set to 1 will produce an element which is 1% of 200 pixels thick — 2 pixels.

The Outer 2nd 3rd and Inner buttons open the color selection dialog for the four frame elements; the colors are displayed at the top of the operator dialog, with Outer at the left, then 2nd, 3rd, and Inner.

Since any frame element can be as wide as 50% of the narrower dimension of the image, it is possible for any element to completely take up the image. So some sets of settings can't actually work. In order to make the operator somewhat (hopefully) intuitive, the outer elements have priority over the inner elements. If there isn't enough room for an inner element, it will either be trimmed to fit, or it won't show at all if there is no room left.

Frame elements that are set to 0 will not generate any content.

Tip: This operator will obey any area selection tool if you'd like to generate a partial frame (as long as the area selection covers a portion of the image edge where the frame will be generated), however, in order to obtain a complete frame, the Entire tool is recommended.
Tip: For this operator, the preview is best viewed in 1x, particularly for non-square images. In this mode, the preview is 100 by 100 and even a setting of 1 on a frame element will show up as a 1-pixel line.

You can use Save and Load to archive and restore frame settings.

The frame operator
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