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§ 12.11.35 - Fractals

Scripting command: fractals [Mode=0...3] [P1=-100..100] [P2=-100...100] [Z=1...100=] [Px=-100...100] [Py=-100...100] [Po=0..255] [Sm=0...1]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

You can set the palette with the Pal button.

Type: selects between  Mandelbrot   ,  Julia   ,  Lambda    and  Burning Ship    fractals.

Px and Py pan around the region being generated.

P1 and P2 select the location in the fractal space where the fractal is derived from.

Zoom changes how detailed the fractal generation is.

P[o] adjusts the palette's application to the fractal.

Each type of fractal retains its own settings.

The fractals operator
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