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§ 12.11.45 - Jumble

Scripting command: jumble [Horizontal=0...1] [Jumble=keyword(s)]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

The Jumble operator

Jumbles either the rows of an image, or the columns of an image. Another way to describe this is that rather than randomizing the values of the pixels as does the Random operator, the Jumble operator randomizes the position of the pixels.

The result is a pseudo-random re-patterning of the existing RGBA data.

This operator always affects the entire image, regardless of the areatool you have selected.




Horizontal, then Vertical

§ - Reversibility

If the supplied keyword is the single word randomize, the operation will jumble differently every time it is run, and will not be reversible except via undo.

If the keyword(s) are anything other than randomize, each mode of the operation is reversible using the same keyword(s) that were used to perform the original operation.

If you do one after another, for instance,  Horizontal followed by  Vertical, then in order to recover the image, you must perform the operations in the reverse order:  Vertical followed by  Horizontal

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