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§ 12.11.17 - Contrast and Brightness

Scripting command: contbrit [Contrast=-100...100] [Brightness=-100...100] [Center=-100...100] [R=0...1] [G=0...1] [B=0...1]

Note: All available scripting operations are listed on the Script operator page.

Allows you to modify the contrast and/or brightness of the selected region of an image.

C-Center adjusts the point about which Contrast pushes brightness higher and lower; traditional contrast pushes higher above middle brightness, and lower below middle brightness; that is what is done here when C-Center is set to zero.

The  Contrast 1x    drop-down allows you to amplify the amount of contrast you are applying.

Brightness pushes the selection's brightness higher or lower.

 R enables adjustment of the red channel.

 G enables adjustment of the green channel.

 B enables adjustment of the blue channel.

The contrast and brightness operator
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