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§ - axis (SceneScript element)

 <axis X Y Z "name"

This language element may be used inside a  <trait block.

Each, or any, of X, Y and Z may be an expression.

The  <axis language element is the basis for controlling to positions of objects, singly or in groups. Each  <axis is matched by an  </axis command. Objects (and other  <axis commands) defined between these two elements are relative to the position of the previously defined  <axis.

This means you can do things like this:

 <axis 0 0 0 "sun" this defines a center location for the sun Define the sun object here  <axis 2 0 0 "earth" this defines a position 2 to the right of the sun Define the earth object here  <axis .5 0 0 "moon" this defines a position .5 to the right of the earth Define the moon object here  </axis  </axis  </axis

Within the above axis commands, you could place spheres, apply rotation commands, and use the  <keys language element to animate those rotations — you'd have your own little solar system going in no time.

The  <axis language element is affected by the use of the  <translate and  <scale language elements, which must preceed the  <axis element when you want them applied to one or more axis's (rather than, or as well as, to objects.)

This language element is also used in conjunction with the 3d  <texturemap element and the  </axis closure. In this regard, an  <axis is used to provide a central point of reference for a texture that is to cover two or more objects. For instance, if you wanted to build something out of triangles and apply a wood texture to them, you'd need to use an axis to give the 3d wood texture a spatial reference.

Here is an example of proper use:

 <translate -0.75 -1 0  <axis 0 0 0 "tp"  <apply "glossy" for wood and marble  <apply "woodcolor"  <texturemap "wood" .0025 1 25  </axis
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