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§ - Libraries and Traits

Import the library file contained in c:\w3\textures.w3d:  <libpath "c:\w3\"  <lib "textures.w3d" Note that in the following script the trait definition was removed. The characteristics we're going to use (glossy) are already defined in the library we imported, so we don't need to define them here. Glossy ball:  <normalize  <position 0 0 0  <radius 3  <apply "glossy" Give it a polished look  <color 1 0 0  <object sphere "My Sphere" Optimize Speed:  <object bound Light:  <normalize  <position 50 50 -75  <color 1 1 1  <object light "light_1" Camera:  <viewlocation 0 0 14  <viewtarget 0 0 0 As you can see, switching between a matte surface and a glossy surface is a matter of just applying the desired trait from the library.

This is the end product of the above script

Now that you have the basic tools, lets make it more interesting.

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