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10.4.22 - DPI

Applies and reads DPI from the active image.

DPI means "Dots Per Inch." DPI sets the relationship between image pixels and real-world space. For instance, when you print an image, if it is 300 DPI, and the image resolution is 900 wide by 1200 high, it (should) print out as a 3 inch by 4 inch picture on the page.

The DPI operator lets you set the horizontal (x) DPI and the vertical (y) DPI individually; but in typical circumstances, they should be the same. The operator tries to help you with this by setting the Y DPI whenever you set the X DPI.

If you need to set different values for X DPI and Y DPI, just set X first and then Y.

A new DPI setting is applied when you press Apply, or when you make any area selection on an image in  Modal area selection operation, or when you press Operate in  Modal area selection operation.

The DPI operator
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