§ 36 - Palette File Format

tags are 8, 8-bit chars
tags are followed by a chunk size, a 64-bit integer (8 bytes, unsigned)
chunk of size follows, unless chunk size is zero

File Content:

First, file ID group, in this specific order:
    IPALETTE (chunksize=0)
    PVERSION (chunksize) integer, file format version
Next, palette header, in any order:
    PAL_NAME (chunksize) text, name of palette
    PAL_SIZE (chunksize) integer, size of palette (1 to 64)
Next, for each palette entry, up to 64 in total*:
    PAL_CDEX (chunksize) integer, palette index (0 to 63)
    Then in any order:
        PAL_RCOL (chunksize) double as text, red color componenent (0-255)
        PAL_GCOL (chunksize) double as text, green color componenent (0-255)
        PAL_BCOL (chunksize) double as text, blue color componenent (0-255)
        PAL_VCOL (chunksize) boolean as text, color is valid (T or F)

* Palette enties can be out of order such as 0,2,1,4..., do not have to
  be contiguous. Any entries that are not present out of the 64 leave
  the palette being loaded untouched. When a section of a palette is
  saved as a range, it should be saved starting with zero for its first
  entry, and then loaded into the palette starting at the selected entry
  using those values as offsets.
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