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§ - smooth (SceneScript element)


The  <smooth language element takes a group of triangles within a  <structure and  </structure element pair and analyzes them for shared vertexes. When triangles are found to share vertexes, they will be smoothed as long as the angles between the triangles are less than 85 degrees. This means that a 90 degree turn in a triangulated surface will remain sharp, while a surface made in a "slower" curve will be smoothed.

Smoothing is done using a process related to bump-mapping; the geometric details of the triangles are not modified, only how light reflects off of them is. This means that the edges of objects seen in profile will retain the precise edges defined by the original set of triangles. Only surfaces that are not seen in profile will appear smoothed.

The  <smooth language element must appear after the object definitions for the triangles, and before the closing  </structure language element.

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