§ 32 - The Startup Sequence Script

If iToolBox finds a file named it-startup-sequence.txt in your home directory/folder, it will attempt to read some basic commands from it on startup. You can use it to automatically load some images on startup.

In the it-startup-sequence.txt file, you can have:

  1. lines that begin with the single character # - these are ignored
  2. blank lines - these are ignored
  3. path PATH - path to the images for the load command, next:
  4. load FILENAME - image
  5. loadbrush FILENAME - image that will be assigned as the brush

So for instance, in your it-startup-sequence.txt file, you might have...

# comment (also, blank line follows):

path ~
load test2.elx
load Screen Shot.png

...which sets up the path to the images as the home directory, then loads two specific images from that path.

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