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§ 16.69.5 - Advanced Concepts for Transition Control Files

F/x's transition generator can use a built-in mathematical expression evaluator.

In order to use this, the evaluator must be passed:

  • An exclamation point (!) to begin the expression, adding this escape character is the only way an expression can be evaluated.
  • Valid characters:
    • Parentheses: ) and (
    • Division and Multiplication: / and *
    • Addition and Subtraction: + and -
    • Power: ^
    • Modulus: %
  • Valid functions: (described below)
  • The proper syntax when calling the time variable
  • A properly formatted mathematical function.
  • NO SPACES. A space designates that the argument is complete to the evaluator.

The variable called by "ttime(0)" returns the "current time". In a timeline, this returns the percentage of the timeline completed or the time value for a still. (The current time value will be in the form of 0.0 to 1.0)

The expression evaluator will accept these functions:

abs(expression)Absolute Value
ceil(expression)Ceiling (nearest whole number > expression)
cframe(0)Returns current frame as number 1 to tframes()
cosh(expression) Hyperbolic Cosine
deg(expression)Converts radians to degrees
floor(expression)Floor (nearest whole number < expression)
hyp(expression,expression)Hypotenuse of X, Y
linv(expression)Takes frame number as parameter, returns linear value 0 to (tframes(0)) as 0-1
log(expression)Natural Log
log10(expression)Log, base 10
loopv(expression)Takes frame number as parameter, returns linear value 0 to (tframes(0)+1) as 0-1
rad(expression)Converts degrees to radians
sinh(expression)Hyperbolic Sine
sqrt(expression)Square Root
tanh(expression)Hyperbolic Tangent
tframes(0)Returns total number of frames in the sequence
ttime(0)Returns the current value for time in the range 0 to one.

An example using the expression evaluator

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