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§ 16.20 - Shear

Quick Reference to Scripting Command
a=SHEAR(amount, base, WRAP, ALPHA)
Items in CAPS are 0/1 or ranges with more options than just 0/1.
Ranges other than 0/1 are indicated by brackets, such as [0-2].

Unmodified Image

Shear of -1 with Bottom Base
and Wrap on

Shear of -1 with Bottom Base
and Wrap off, Alpha inserted

This operator may be applied directly to a Warp Layer, resulting in a geometric effect that may be removed from the underlying sublayer composite by simply zeroing out the warp or disabling that layer. In addition, the effect may be moved over the underlying sublayer composite without limit.

A visual reminder that this operator is warp-compatible is the small green dot at the upper right of its ICON in the toolbar.

Shear Operation Dialog

§ 16.20.1 - Shear Controls

§ - Shear Amount

This is a floating point number where 1.0 represents the exact width or height of the image, which one depending on the shear base.

§ - Base of Shear

This sets the side of the image that remains stable; the opposite side is moved parallel to this side.

§ - Wrap

This tells the operator if pixels that move off on one edge should be wrapped back into the image past the opposing edge.

§ - Insert Alpha

If Wrap is off, then the question arises: What to do with the region that the image data has moved away from? You can either leave it the same as it was, or you can make it transparent. That's what the Insert Alpha checkmark causes to happen.

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