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§ 16.145 - Aspect Ratio

This operation allows you to alter the aspect ratio of an image. The aspect ratio is a percentage which represents the width of the image pixel by the height times 100. Aspect Ratio for this program is determined as part of the DPI setting. Thus only the ratio of width vs. Height is displayed instead of the actual ratio. You can select a custom ratio, or specify a default ratio by selecting one of the preset aspect ratio buttons (Square, NTSC, or PAL). Not all image formats support this information. To save this information you will need to save in IFF, TIFF, Targa, or TRIM.

Operator Dialog

§ 16.145.1 - Aspect Ratio Controls

§ - DPI / Aspect

This control alters the Aspect of the image to the values which you define. You also have the option of selecting one of the preset aspect ratio settings of Square, NTSC, or PAL. It is important to remember to save in an image format which records this information.

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