§ 11 - Installation

WinImages R7 may be installed in machines with previous WinImages installations. The directory structure is quite different from the WinImages R4 release or earlier, and care should be taken not to place the new WinImages R7 installation in the same locations as the old, or the old installation will be lost or damaged. The new installation will succeed, however.

§ 11.1 - Application Components

In the following table, "base dir" means that the file is placed in the directory (folder) where WinImages R7 was installed. The default location is:

c:\Program Files\WI7
ComponentNormal LocationPurpose
colorset.inic:\windowsProvides named colors to the palette dialog
data directorybase dirVarious data files and directories used exclusively by WinImages
scripts directorybase dir.WIS script files
plugins directorybase dir.WIP plug-ins
convos directorybase dir.CNV convolutions
psys directorybase dir.PSY particle systems,
eztw32.dllbase dirProvides Twain device interface capabilities for WinImages F/x
fx.exebase dirWinImages F/x Application Executable
fxldjpeg.dllbase dirProvides JPEG file loading for WinImages F/x and Morph
fxldtiff.dllbase dirProvides TIFF file loading to WinImages F/x and Morph
fxpal.dllbase dirPalette dialog handling for WinImages F/x and Morph
fxsvjpeg.dllbase dirProvides JPEG file saving for WinImages F/x and Morph
html_docs directorybase dirDocumention (movable, see Help Docs)
images directorybase dirImages used in tutorials, textures, etc.
morph.exebase dirMorph Application Executable
morph.inic:\windowsMorph program settings (if lost, automatically rebuilt)
winfx.inic:\windowsWinImages F/x program settings (if lost, automatically rebuilt)
winfxpu.ininc:\windowsWinImages F/x plug-in program settings (if lost, automatically rebuilt)
winfxtv.inic:\windowsWinImages F/x image manager program settings (if lost, automatically rebuilt)

The following components are also installed if they are not already present in your system. If they are already present, they are not replaced.

ComponentNormal LocationPurpose
msvcrt40.dllc:\windows\systemMicrosoft® Visual C 4.0 Runtime Package
msvcrt.dllc:\windows\systemMicrosoft® Visual C common runtime
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