§ 12 - Removal

§ 12.1 - Removing WinImages from your computer

WinImages R7 does not support automatic removal of the program from your computer. This is because as the program is used, your own image data can become "mixed" with WinImages R7's own data. Removing the software manually only requires a minute or two with Windows Explorer, and a little care to ensure that you save anything you may wish to keep.

§ 12.2 - Moving WinImages to a New Filesystem Location

If it is your intent to move the installation, rather than delete it, then there are two options.

First, you can simply move the directories using Windows Explorer. You will then have to manually re-target the shortcuts in the WinImages program group, and a side effect of moving the directories manually is that the demonstration projects will cease to function correctly (each project file contains records of image and data locations... if you move the images and/or data, the projects remain pointed at the wrong places). This may not be a concern to an advanced user, but we do not recommend this method if you expect to use any of the tutorials after the move.

If you are an expert user, you can edit any project file and manually change the data and image references in them to point to the correct locations, which makes the project usable again; however this is tedious and for most users it makes more sense to use the method described next:

Secondly, you can simply remove the software as described below, and then re-install it with the new locations using the install program on the CDROM. This will ensure that all of the projects and tutorials are fully functional in the new locations, as the installer modifies all projects during installation to comply with your choices for data and image directories. The program group will be re-created with the shortcuts pointing to the programs and document files in the correct locations also.

§ 12.3 - Removing Default Installations

A WinImages R7 installation that was performed using the default choices in the install program may be removed by following these simple steps:

  1. Start by looking through the WinImages directory and subdirectories. Make sure that all image files that you wish to keep are copied or moved to another directory. If you will not be reinstalling WinImages R7, you will have no need for files that have the following extensions: .FXP, .ASF, .SEF and .FXS. These files are only used by WinImages F/x, and cannot be used with other programs.
  2. After moving or copying the image files that you wish to keep, delete the WinImages directory and all associated subdirectories. This will remove most of WinImages R7 from your hard drive.
  3. Now locate the WinImages program group. This is usually located in Windows / Start Menu / Programs but on a multi-login machine it may be located under Profiles instead. Remove the directory and all of its contents (these are the shortcuts to the program that were created by the installation.)
  4. WinImages F/x places the files WINFX.INI, MORPH.INI and COLORSET.INI in the c:\windows directory. These should be removed.

At this point, WinImages R7 has been completely removed from your computer. There are no registry entries or other user environment changes made by the software.

§ 12.4 - Removing Customized Installations

This is only slightly more difficult. During installation, the user is provided with the opportunity to select multiple locations for the data, images, help, and application portions of the installation.

Removing WinImages R7 requires that you remove the directories associated with each of the four components, assuming that these directories were used only to hold WinImages R7 components. If you are sharing one or more directories with other applications, you should not delete those directories.

Once you have removed the portions of the installation you wish to, follow the last two steps of the directions for Default Installations, and WinImages R7 will have been successfully removed.

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