§ 5 - EDP - Electronic Delivery Package

The EDP version of WinImages is provided as a downloadable, "zipped" archive. It either contains precisely the same product as does the original "hard-copy" CD, or it may contain a later version with improvements that didn't make it onto the CD copy.

The key benefit of an EDP package is almost immediate usability, based entirely on the speed of download and network conditions that obtain between our archive location and your computer's Internet connection. This benefit is significantly enhanced when the customer's location is outside the USA; there is no need to wait for the postal system(s) to bring you the software.

 Note: When you obtain the EDP package, you should archive the ZIP file immediately upon finishing the download process. We suggest that you archive it to multiple locations, preferably to CD-R or another relatively stable medium. This ensures that you will have access to the archive at any time you wish, regardless of network conditions or the continuing existence of datapipe-blackbeltsystems.com.
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