§ 6 - Legal Issues

§ 6.1 - Software Components

The WinImages software consists of the following applications:

Together, the current version of these components are referred to as WinImages R7, and in some cases as "the software" in the discussion that follows:

§ 6.2 - Ownership

WinImages R7 was sold as a package of executable programs and accompaning documentation. When you previously bought this package, or now when you install and decide to use it as it is now free, you become the owner of the executable, and you can do anything you like with it. As I can no longer support the executable product, I release all rights to it.

§ 6.3 - Authorship

For legal purposes, Black Belt Systems was the sole author of all source code for this product, with the exception of certain publicly available components incorporated from sources acknowledged elsewhere in this documentation. As the owner of all IP relating to Black Belt Systems, I have the authority and the right to release the product as described in the previous paragraph.

§ 6.4 - Software Copyright and Usage

WinImages R7 was previously Copyright © 1992-2007 Black Belt Systems ALL RIGHTS RESERVED under the Pan-American Conventions. All rights to the source code, which is not released, remain with me. Rights to use the binary executable that comprises the program for any purpose other than image and image stream manipulation by any person(s), including disassembly and reconstruction for any purpose, were expressly not extended in return for the product, and consequently, could not be transferred under the original conditions. That circumstance is no longer in effect; you may disassemble, etc., to your heart's content.

§ 6.5 - Network Installations

WinImages R7 may be installed upon local area networks.

§ 6.6 - Documentation Copyright and Usage

This documentation was Copyright © 1992-2007 Black Belt Systems ALL RIGHTS RESERVED under the Pan-American Conventions

You may now copy the documentation, and the software, without limitation.

§ 6.7 - Copyright Venue and Right of Use

The above copyright claims were made upon items that are unique creations of Black Belt Systems. We extended the right to copy the documentation such that it may be transferred when copies are made of the software package; for that purpose, purchasers were asked to consider the documentation as an integral part of the software. The documentation is now freely distributable under any conditions.

§ 6.8 - Other Copyrights

Images, code and textual content in the documentation are believed to all be either public domain, or directly owned by Black Belt Systems. However, it is possible that this presumption may be partially in error, though it was certainly our intent to have been as diligent as possible in this matter. Accordingly, if you discover an image or a textual section in the documentation where you know the rights are owned by another entity, and that entity is not properly credited, corporate or otherwise, please let the document maintainer know.

§ 6.9 - Transferability

Ownership may be transferred, or you can simply give a copy or copies away. It's up to you; you own the executable.

§ 6.10 - Using Output from the Software

As long as the user of the software has the appropriate legal rights to all images used in creation of any derivative work with WinImages R7, such rights shall transfer to any output from the software. I, or Black Belt Systems (now defunct) is/was not responsible for copyright violations of the user with regard to output from the software; the user is wholly responsible for determining the copyright status of all images processed by the software, and for obtaining the appropriate rights and permissions for use in both derivative and facsimile works of any third-party artwork or document. The user of the software is responsible for any copyright violations in this regard.

§ 6.11 - Backup

The software, its registration information, its documentation and its sample files may be backed up from either or both its original media or archive and from its installed location for the purpose of protecting the users of the software. This has always been the case; of course, now that all rights to the executable have been relinquished, it is still so.

§ 6.12 - Disclaimer

This software is provided "as is." Black Belt Systems takes no responsibility for data manipulated with this software, or for the interpretation of such data. The WinImages R7 product is not intended to be used as a medical tool, or as a tool in any situation where lives or property of any nature are at stake in any manner. If you choose to use this software in such a manner, all responsibility for any consequences, good, bad or indifferent, lie with you.

The user is entirely responsible for interpretation, uses and rights management of image data manipulated with the WinImages R7 software. The user is wholly responsible for observing the copyright restrictions on materials manipulated within WinImages R7. Black Belt Systems cannot be held responsible if problems with the software incur losses of any type upon the user.

Black Belt Systems is no longer an operating concern. The people who used to work there thank all of Black Belt Systems's customers for their interest and support over the years.

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