§ 4 - A Note from the Document Maintainer

I've converted the F/x / Morph manual to a more modern HTML/CSS structure for residence on the web, and in the process, I've updated some of the material to reflect current circumstances, corrected some errors, etc.

I'm doing this in my spare time; there's no guarantee of perfection. My objective is to try to keep the WinImages R7 information available and a bit more up date for posterity.

If you find a spelling error or other mistake in this manual, please let me know.


I'm using HTML 4.01 and CSS 3 to format the document. That seems to bewilder the fewest number of web browsers at this point in time (for the eventual future... we're all at the mercy of the standards committees and the web browser developers. Hopefully it'll be a long, long time before the HTML 4.01 and CSS 3 support goes away in web browsers. When they do, it'll be virutal machines for all, I suppose.) I sure do wish they would all become standards-compliant and commit to staying that way so the web won't keep breaking over and over again. But since they aren't, you may encounter some HTML/CSS rendering issues. I test in Safari under OS X.


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