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from: Brenda

I signed up with EMAZING because I'm a new explorer on the web and was not sure how to do it. They send me a web site a day that they have found interesting. There is no pattern to this that I know of, just something they come accross that they share with us. I got your site awhile back but only got around to using it this morning. I want to thank you for a very enjoyable find. I have had a ball in here just finding out what happen in the life times of my family. I have sent your web address to two other people that I think will enjoy it. Thank You Again for sharing.


Of course, you're most welcome. Thanks for passing our site along, too!
from: Bruce Cavanagh

Tremendous site and is a great way for genealogists and family historians alike, to add flesh to the bones of our ancestors.

Very well presented and easy to use and I am sure this will prove to be a popular site.

Very pleased that you have included the regal years for the UK and even some information about New Zealand here down-under.


Nice phrasology - "to add flesh to the bones of our ancestors" - I really like the way that sounds and feels. Thanks for the kind words, and that pithy turn of phrase as well! We'll be adding more historical data that is not so US-centric, so do check back with us.
from: Sue Fries

Thank you SO MUCH!

I absolutely love the timeline feature and plan to add timelines to my genealogy records - it is so great to be able to realize how historical events must have affected my ancestors' lives. I will pass this site on to many. Thanks again!

Thanks to you for passing it on. Word of mouth counts for a lot with this kind of site.
from: Maudie Davie Mathys

What a great idea! I must admit that history was never a strong point or interest for me back in school. (waaaaaay back) So now that I have become hooked on my family tree research, it's hard to place my ancestors in the proper time frame. Not any more. Thank you so much for making it interesting and easy. I'll be back

You're welcome. Maybe we've woken up the "sleeping historian" in you!
from: Winslow W. Browning

Thank you for creating OurTimeLines and making it available.


Why, thank you. That's very kind of you, though perhaps, er, optimistic. :-)
from: Marvin Kusmierz

I ran a time line on my grandfather (1842-1929) who was born in Poland. I realized upon reviewing the event information that it is dominated by US data. A feature that you want to consider adding is a country specific time line. This might draw more interest if people knew the time line could be ran for not only world events, but country specific events. I think people from other countries run a time line would like to see what happen in their countries history during that time period. Add this type of feature would expand your viewer interest.

Country-specific timeline generation is something we'd like to do, but presents a problem because much of that kind of history is in another language.

Also, in the case of the history of a country not one's own, it is not a trivial matter to select what is important and what isn't without your own base of historical perspective, so we're proceeding very cautiously in building those databases.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me about your thoughts; I welcome any and all ideas.
from: Geraldine Hall

Wow! Did I ever enjoy your Timeline Site. It puts everything in perspective. Our ancestors are REAL people. I tried putting together my own timeline, not an easy job, I gave up.

Thank you for your time and effort, and the fact that you let us use it without cost.

Thanks again, take care, Geraldine.

You're welcome!
from: Valeria J. Johnston

This is wonderful and so interesting. I have added timelines to my genealogy pages. Thanks so much. Family members attending a reunion this weekend will be absolutely thrilled with this site when I pass the information along to them. Keep up the good work and many thanks again.

Thanks for writing - I always love to hear these stories, I really do.
from: Shirley Deem

This is WONDERFUL! I have been searching the Internet for just such material and have gotten quite a bit of information, but not to compare with what you have done! I am so happy you have been so generous as to let some of us genealogists, who are trying to develop web pages, use the (HTML pages.) Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your unselfish gift. I will gladly link back to the home site as per instructed. Keep up the good work...

No, Thank YOU!

Actually, you made my day. The site is bogged down because we've been serving far more pages than we ever anticipated, a couple of people have (rightfully) beat me about the head and shoulders for misspellings in some timeline entries today, and I've just been informed I have to work late - really late - to put an additional server on line to distribute the load. So thanks for the kind words, very much so!
from: Nancy Fleetwood Miller

This is one of the most impressive sites I've ever visited! I've spent all morning printing out timelines of my family and ancestors!!

We're very pleased to be of service to you. :-)
from: Leta Trombly

Just wanted to say that I think ourtimelines is a great site!!!

I am researching my family history, now I can include a timeline to show the events that my family has wittnessed.

Thank you

You're very welcome. Enjoy!
from: Sue Pynes Woodford-Beals

The time line is great. Before I found yours I used the encyclopedia to develop a time line for memorial comments at funeral services regarding the life events the deceased person had witnessed. This does all the work for you plus you can enter personal data. It's great.

That is a lovely use of the site - we're delighted to contribute to the memory of a family's most recent ancestors.
from: Nancy Marr-Eckel

This is a truly wonderful program! Thanks! It helped me, very much, to place my ancestors within an historical framework. Thank you very much.

You are most welcome!
from: Donna Christensen

I love your page -- I have an old book which shows a timeline from the beginning of known history and I love studying it.

My suggestion is: I think you should add when each state officially became a territory and state. Also there is nothing about the Texas War for Independence from Mexico in 1836. You might want to add dates when certain territories were "purchased" from the Indians and opened for settlement by the U. S. Gov. I am looking forward to using this site often.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We added dates for when the states joined the US union today, and will be adding the territorial dates shortly. We added the Texas war at your suggestion, thank you very much!
from: Sue ?

This is great! It is neat to see how old your ancestors were at the time of each event! Any chance you are working on more refinements? I have a suggestion: an option to tweek it for certain areas of the country, like for New England it would include the 1938 hurricane, or the date New Hampshire became separate from Massachusetts. Anyway, it is very interesting just the way it is, and I wish you commercial success.

Yes, we're working on a number of different types of refinements. Your suggestion is interesting, and somewhat along the lines of where we're going, but not quite. Our intent is to allow users to select regions of the world for events, which in itself is a very large and complex undertaking. For regional events that you know of, the custom entries will likely remain the mechanism to insert them in the timeline.

We'll be increasing the number of custom events available shortly; right now, with the site only a few days old, we're still "tuning" many aspects of its operations and need to keep a fairly tight rein on the server loads. We're already generating thousands of timelines each day, so care is definitely called for!
from: Gayle Little

I must tell you that this site is really cool and fun. It helped to make important events visual for my two children. Thanks for a great job. I would like to point out an error though. You show Franklin Roosevelt as being president from 1933 to 1947. Roosevelt died April 12, 1945 which would make it impossible for him to be in office until 1947.

You're absolutely right, of course. And the first year for Truman was wrong too; we've fixed both. Thank you so much for the "assist", and for the kind words.
from: Gwen Hester

This is a fantastic website! I have been looking for some material for a family reunion that would give me timelines for certain family members, and this website is a dream come true!

Thank you, thank you so very much!

You're most welcome. :-)
from: Glenn Langford

What a great service!!

I host a Family web site at and I plan to post several timelines there.

Thanks for letting us know - we'll be sure and look!

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