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There are four distinct ways you can contribute to the site.


First, and most importantly, if you see something that you are certain is in error, if you let me know I'll fix it. Dates, details, anything you find. Just shoot me an e-mail at and I promise to address the problem as soon as I possibly can.

Additional Events

Secondly, if you know of an historical event that you believe is a good candidate for, let me know about it and I'll consider it.

I don't include everything. I'm looking for events that would have affected everyday life in a large way. Also, I don't want the timelines to become too "extended." So when a year has a great deal happening, I try to pick the most significant events. Sometimes that is very difficult!

Events Form

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Expanded Historical Information for Existing Timeline Events

Third, you may have noticed that the entries in the timelines are, in some cases, not just text, but also a link to an expanded history page that describes the entry in some further detail.

It is my intention to eventually build a reference page for every entry in the timelines. There are a large number of timeline entries, however, so this is a huge job. Initially, I'm providing only very brief information, with the intention of expanding that information to some degree later.

If you would like to contribute a short article about a particular timeline entry, just write it up and send it to me using the form you'll find below, on this page.

Supply the entry text, the date(s), your e-mail address and your name. If you would like credit on the page provide the details for the credit only (specifically, name and/or e-mail and/or web page) in the space provided on the form below. I'm very willing to provide detailed, linked credit for a history page.

Add the body of the text for the entry you are writing about, submit it, and you'll see it on the site very shortly.

You can write an article as long as 20k bytes, if you are so motivated — I have allocated a great deal of space for articles.

Note that I will edit the article for spelling and grammar, as required. I'll also take care of the HTML formatting for you. If you want to embed your own formatting, that's okay too, though I do reserve the right to correct and edit it. Absolutely no scripting.

Very Important: Please try very hard to stay neutral and describe the event itself in a factual manner. The tone I want to take is similar to the ideal tone for news articles (sadly, something rarely achieved in the news these days); report the information itself, and let the readers develop opinions on their own. If you stray into the realm of opinion in your writing, you're running the risk that I will edit it out.

Expanded Historical Information Form

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Suggest someone for the Peer Database

Fourth, the Peers and Contemporaries page allows site visitors to generate a list of people born in a specific year. This is another fine way to gain perspective on an ancestor. The database already has thousands of individuals in it, but I am willing to add thousands more. I'm happy to take your suggestions.

Just fill out the form below, and shoot it to me - I'll do the rest.

Peers Form

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Person's name you're suggesting:
Subject's Birthdate, at least the year:
Person known as, or for:

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